Unified Daughterboard C3

Unified Daughterboard C3

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The Unified Daughterboard Project is an attempt by leading designers in the mechanical keyboard community to standardize the USB daughterboards used for their custom mechanical keyboard projects. It has initially been envisioned by users ai03, Wilba, Hineybush, Xelus, Xondat, aeryxz and Maximillian.


  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection on the data lines of the USB connector through a specialized chip;
  • Overcurrent protection through a PTC fuse;
  • Overvoltage protection through a bidirectional TVS diode;
  • Shielding noise decoupling capabilities through a ferrite bead;
  • Single-path grounding of the metallic chassis to which the daughterboard is attached.
  • The C3 version is backwards compatible with both C1 and C2 versions.


  • Unified C3 Daughterboard
  • 100mm JST cable


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