Sea-Micro (Pro Micro Alternative)
Sea-Micro (Pro Micro Alternative)

Sea-Micro (Pro Micro Alternative)

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The Sea-Micro is a fully open source Pro Micro alternative that replaces the Micro-USB connector with a USB-C connector. 

We have attempted to keep the cost of the controller as low as possible, while still retaining the follow key features:

  • Mid mounted USB-C port
  • Compatibility with all pro-micro powered keyboards
  • ATmega32u4 controller
  • DFU bootloader
  • On-board reset button

It has been tested on a wide range of split/DIY keyboards including: The Sofle, Corne, Helix, Contra, Revuing, Milk 2%. For split keyboard applications, it is possible to use the sea-micro as the master and your conventional pro-micro as the slave.

The Sea-micro was developed by customkbd and JoshJoshua and is an open source project. Please find source files on Josh's github respository here.

See a review of the sea-micro from Don (The Board Podcast) below: