POM Plates

Our POM sheets are ordered without protective material and may have some superficial scratches on the surface. This does not affect the strength of integrity of the plate. Due to head generated by the cutting process, there may be some marks left on the material.

The switch cut outs are cut to exact cherry mx switch tolerances – that is 14mm+- .05mm. While we have tried to adjust kerf to suit as many switches as possible, fitment cannot be guaranteed for all switch combinations (This includes the filming of switches). The inherent flexibility of the plate can exacerbate this issue.

These plates are much more flexible than an equivalent aluminium plate. Please do your research whether this will cause issues with your case. We will guarantee general fitment and that the plates are cut as per the provided plate files. Unconventional mounting methods will not be supported.

Please understand that these plates are cut to order and there will be no refunds due to the flaws mentioned above. If you have any other problems with the plates – Please reach out to me on discord – Generally we will be more than willing to help and resolve the problem.