TOFU 60% Kit
TOFU 60% Kit
TOFU 60% Kit

TOFU 60% Kit

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This kit containts most of the key components you need to put together your own TOFU 60% Keyboard. Please add seperately to your cart your preferred keycaps and key switches.

If you would like to change the default mounting plate, or upgrade the stabilizers please send us a message. We will happily accomodate.

This pack includes:
  • Tofu case
  • DZ60 PCB
  • Durock V2 Stabilizers
  • 2.25U Universal POM Plate
  • Stabilizer foam stickers
Required to complete
  • 64 key switches
  • Set of key caps

Please see a review/build of the TOFU by Taekeyboards below

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