Milk 2% Keyboard
Milk 2% Keyboard

Milk 2% Keyboard

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The Milk is a 2% keyboard with support for 2 keyswitches. It is powered by a pro-micro. Definately more of a novelty item but can be useful as a switch tester.

This kit features Mil-Max sockets so that the switches can be switched out any time.

The cases are 3D printed, and while we try to keep our prints consistent there may be some minor imperfections which are normal.

More colours coming soon - If you have a particular colour request please put it in discord.


  • 2% Milk Case in a variety of colours
  • Milk PCB
  • 4x Mil-Max Sockets

Required to complete



    • Case made by Soft
    • PCB made by PyroL
    • Source files can be found here.


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