Eternal Keypad Kit
Eternal Keypad Kit
Eternal Keypad Kit

Eternal Keypad Kit

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The Eternal keypad was made as a small control pad for gamers. It can be flipped for left handers who like to use their mouse in their left hand.

All the main components required to build the Eternal Keypad excluding stabilizers, keyswitches and keycaps.


  • Programmable with QMK
  • Powered with a Pro Micro


  • Top and Bottom Plates
  • PCB
  • 4 M2 Standoffs (7mm)
  • 8 M2 Screws (1.3mm hex head)
  • 36x 1N4148 THT diodes

Required to Complete


  • 2U Stabiliser (For space bar)
  • Make your pro-micro removable with F-M Headers and Mill-Max Pins


  • This keyboard was designed by duckyb - source code here.

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