Dumbpad V2
Dumbpad V2
Dumbpad V2

Dumbpad V2

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The dumbpad is a simple macropad with support for up to two rotary encoders, designed to use QMK firmware. The dumbpad is designed by imchipwood.

The dumbpad has beenupdated to support an OLED screen!

Please see the various configurations options for the macropad here.

A 3D highcase is avaliable printed from Custom KBD here. If you would like to print your own you can find the source files here.


  • Upto 2 rotary encoders
  • QMK support
  • Single plate desing


  • 1x Dumbpad PCB
  • 15 x Diodes
  • 1 x Pushbutton for reset switch

Required to Complete

Optional Components

This kit was designed by imchipwood and the sources files can be found here. The firmware has been updated by customkbd to support an Oled display - this can be found here.

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