Bongo 2%
Bongo 2%
Bongo 2%
Bongo 2%

Bongo 2%

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Your favourite Bongo cat now features on a macropad using a re-purposed milk 2% PCB. 

The bongo 2% is a 2 key macro-pad, powered by a pro-micro. Keys can be re-configured using VIA.

The kit contains Mil-Max sockets so that the switches can be switched out any time.


  • Bongo 2% Case
  • Milk 2% PCB
  • 4x Mil-Max Sockets
  • 4x 10mm SS Stand-offs
  • 8x 5mm Torx (T5) screws

Required to complete


    • Case made by CustomKBD
    • PCB made by PyroL
    • Source files for the PCB can be found here.

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