Yampad Kit V2
Yampad Kit V2
Yampad Kit V2

Yampad Kit V2

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The Yampad project is an open-source, QMK powered, hot-swappable, RGB-backlighted, OLED featured, and rotary encoder supported mechanical numpad. It is powered by a pro-micro (or compatible) controller.

This new revised version of the Yampad supports a rotary encoder under the OLED screen and a 2U postion for the "0"key. The case has been updated to support the changes.

Instructions for this kit can be found at the github repo here.

This is sold as a kit and assembly will be required. The following components are included:

  • 18 x Diodes SOD-123
  • 9 x WS2812B RGB Diodes
  • Acrylic top and bottom plates
  • 8 x Brass stand-offs
  • 16 x 6mm T5 Torx screws
  • 18 x Kailh hot-swap sockets
  • 0.91" OLED Module
  • 6x6x4.3 Pushbutton Switch
  • EC-11 Rotary Encoder

The capacitors in the build guide are not included, nor are they required for the function of the LEDs.

Required to complete


Highly recommended you socket your pro/sea-micro with the following components


  • This can be a difficult build due to the surface mount LEDs. 

The yampad was designed by mattdibi. The github repo can be found here. Our custom firmware with support for the rotary encoder can be found here.

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