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Sea-Picro is a RP2040 based board in the Arduino Pro Micro form factor. Like Sea-Micro, it's designed to be a drop in replacement for keyboards wanting an upgrade from ATmega32u4 based pro micros.


  • Compatiable with most pro micro based keyboards
  • RP2040 microcontroller, with dual M0+ processors at up to 133MHz
  • Mid mount USB-C connector, which is low profile and can't be ripped off
  • Optional Elite-C style pinout, adding an additional 5 IO for large keyboards
  • Single button reset / bootloader circuit which changes behavior based on how long it's held (RP2040 usually requires two buttons to flash new firmware, making it challenging when installed upside down in a keyboard)
  • ROM bootloader which prevents board from being bricked
  • Onboard power LED.
  • IO pinout identical to the Sparkfun RP2040 Pro Micro



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