MurphPad - DIY Numpad Kit (Extras)
MurphPad - DIY Numpad Kit (Extras)
MurphPad - DIY Numpad Kit (Extras)

MurphPad - DIY Numpad Kit (Extras)

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Limted Extras

The MurphPad is a numpad with a macro row, OLED, and knob. It supports several layouts: normal numpad, mirrored numpad, and all 1u for those who just want a macropad. It is compatible with VIA for easy remapping and QMK for those who want a little extra functionality.   


The MurphPad will be sold as a DIY kit. The kit will include the following parts:

  • PCB and plates
  • Pro Micro
  • OLED Screen
  • Knob and encoder
  • Diodes
  • SMD LEDs
  • Reset button
  • Pro Micro alternatives supported (Sea-Micro, Elite-C, nice!nano, etc)
  • Multiple layouts supported: Normal numpad, mirrored numpad, all 1u
  • QMK and VIA compatible
  • MX switch support
There are other capabilities the MurphPad has which require additional parts or software know-how:
  • Support for a 2nd encoder in the top right spot (requires purchase of additional encoder + knob)
  • Bluetooth support through ZMK (nice!nano and battery purchased separately)


This is a through hole kit with the exception of the SMD LEDs.